Very important message from the JJIF board to all participating nations at the WC in Malmö !!

Please help us to inform all the coaches!

Every participating nation MUST present at least one coach with the certificate of WADA course CoachTrue The course can be made in advance and even in the hotel but the coaches will not get their accreditation before the course is done. GoTo: https://adel.wadaama.org/en/course/163/coachtrue proof must be taken with you to accreditation. Or an official document approved and signed by the NADA authority, about following the course in the own country needs to be handover by accreditation.


Framåt för fler i rörelsen

The Organisation Comittee of the VC 2018 in Malmö proudly announce a cooperation with ” Framåt för fler i rörelsen, a movement to inspire more young people to start training all diffrent kind of sports, founded by the ministry of Sports in Sweden and Svenska Spel .Fredrik Widgren , winner of two EC gold in – 77 kg/ fighting has the honor to be the official Ambassador for ” Framåt för fler i Rörelsen”.